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Our “Bikes in Schools” team is proud to be creating a brighter future for our younger generation. Inactivity has skyrocketed over the past 40 years. In the 1970s, 80% of children walked or rode their bikes to school - only 20% do this today. We provide schools with the opportunity to implement a complete biking program including bike track design and construction, a fleet of bikes, helmets and bike storage solutions. We believe our mission can reverse the nationwide trend of inactivity and inspire a fitter, healthier and more engaged generation.


According to Mission Australia’s annual youth survey, the number of young people who identified mental health as a national concern has more than doubled since 2015. In terms of personal issues, nearly half of those surveyed were worried about their stress levels, while more than a third had school or study problems. Biking in its most basic form is exercise. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins - the feel good hormones that lift mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Riding bikes from a young age in a safe environment raises fitness, confidence and self-esteem through a fun outdoor activity. Our “Bikes in Schools” program aims to create a habit of using a bike as basic transportation. Our goal is to give all kids the opportunity to learn to ride safely and develop their skills.

What is it?

“Bikes in Schools” was created to enable your school to implement a complete biking package to ensure all students have access to bikes and the opportunity to ride them regularly. 

A typical “Bikes in Schools” package includes:

Consultation, planning and design.

A fleet of brand new top quality bikes and helmets in a range of different sizes.

A custom bike storage solution - a fitted out shipping container, small shed or pre existing space.

Construction of bike tracks including pump tracks, skills park area, MTB track and everything in between – we’ll provide a solution based on your proposed site.

Support and advice with Council applications and approvals.


Make use of your grounds in areas previously forgotten.

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The team at “Bikes in Schools” is keen to hear from you. We believe our streamlined process enables schools to implement their own biking program and we’re convinced the benefits for children (and staff) will be instantaneous. Give us a call and let’s work together in creating a future generation that’s excited to fall in love with bikes and spend less time on electronic devices – like the ‘good old days’.