From humble beginnings

Brad Segda

the beginning

It all started as a childhood hobby, taking sick days from school to head into the bush with my shovel. Adulthood quickly came around, but the hobby lived on. I found myself quitting work early to go digging at the local jump spots. It was becoming a little too regular, and, to sustain a way of life while doing what we love, meant some changes needed to be made. I quit my job and moved to Derby. The first year was tough, slogging out long days on the rakes and hand building through insanely rocky terrain in the harshest Tasmanian conditions. I was basic labour hire at the bottom of the ranks.

MY first excavator

A few years later, I was given the opportunity by MTN Trails to become a contractor. I purchased my first excavator and, after working my way up to being a skilled machine operator, it was time to move forward and become a business man in my own right. One year later, I was able to buy my second piece of trail building equipment - our Posi Track. 

The RideMore Team

2019 soon arrived and so did Flinders. I had a huge crash on the bike and was out of action with a broken bone, I asked Flinders to help get some jobs ticked off. After the time of his life being back on the trails, I soon convinced him to quit his job and be my partner in this wild ride we are on!

Flinders Johnston


Straight out of school I scored an apprenticeship as a diesel fitter for the Australian Antarctic Division! Starting out as a young 18-year-old and going on to do five Antarctic summers my passion for all things mechanical grew. Being away from home and the warmth for 4-5 months every year was a life changing experience but I sure as hell missed my bike and building and riding with my buddies.

Finding my passion

The day I was signed off as a tradesman, I traded in my spanners for a shovel and headed out into the wild west of Tasmania to become a trail builder at the infamous local bike Park. From there, I worked my way up the ranks from building gnarly hand built trails, to being thrown into an excavator and given free rein to build whatever I liked! This was the best way to learn the ropes of trail building and has moulded the trail builder I am today.


After two years of constant trail building I had a silly idea to go back to work as a diesel fitter, but the day I returned home from a Canadian riding trip I handed in my resignation after a persuasive text from Brad; “Let’s go build some sick shit and get paid for it”. RideMore was born soon after and we’ve been living our wildest dreams ever since. 

Why Choose us?

Our team has developed its skills by taking all the best knowledge from the country's finest, - and combining it with our own vision and style. We are as passionate about riding as we are about building trails. It's a dream come true to be outside doing what we love every single day. RideMore is a lot more than just a trail construction company, we do it for the lifestyle and our goal is to create a brand that relates to the good times we have out on the trail. It's about chasing your dreams, being outside with your mates, having as much fun as possible and making the most of every incredible opportunity that comes our way.

Our final words

We believe that the simple act of riding a bike can lead anybody down the path of much greater things. It is our mission to bring together a community of riders that will share our passion for bikes, trails and leave a positive impact on the next generation. Riding bikes is our main outlet for having a good time, but that won't be where it ends, we're also going adventure touring in the 4WD's, surfing, skating, moto riding.

Our Youtube Channel will take you on a journey in the hope of inspiring you all to get outside and RideMore.

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