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From the onset professional planning and civil design are our first and foremost objective, so as we can encourage eco-friendly sustainable solutions whilst incorporating structural integrity and aquatic management into all of our projects. With a sound background in civil engineering we deliver peace of mind to our customers through innovation, safe ecological engineering practices and expert advice.

With client and designer working together as an integrated team the objective soon becomes evident that Ridemore have the ability and reputation of delivering a quality solution that will add value to the functionality and engineering integrity of the trail investment.

For compliance in civil, hydraulic, and engineering design Ridemore align themselves with the services of JMG engineers and town Planners to ensure that the client has the confidence that there project is delivered to the highest standard.



RideMore's unique approach to Community and recreational assets was developed from our 15 design experience from Residential and Commercial Architecture. A seamless integration of the built environments and recreational zones provide a safe, supportive and progressive environment for all users. Our in-house designers specialise in the complete management of development application permits, concept plans for community consultation; right through to civil/structural design and Plumbing\Building permits.

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As a company, we are driven by our aspirations to develop exceptional mountain bike trails, infrastructure and tourism destinations. Our aim is to develop sustainable trails that complement and enhance the unique Tasmanian landscapes we work in without detriment to the local ecology. We achieve this using our environmentally sensitive and sustainable approach. Rehabilitation and transformation of once commercially used areas into sort after local mountain biking networks bring environmental regeneration and economic stimulation to the local economy without compromising the natural environment. Our commitment to the consultation, design, construction and ongoing maintenance of the trails we build is an ongoing passion which drives us to show case and develop a totally unique and engaging trail experience for all riders.