The Process is simple

in just 3 easy steps!


“Bikes in Schools” unique approach to community and school recreational assets was developed from our 15 year design experience in residential and commercial architecture. A seamless integration of built environments and recreational zones provide a safe, supportive and progressive environment for all users. Our in-house designers specialise in the complete management of development application permits, concept plans for community consultation, civil and structural design, and plumbing and building permits. “Bikes in Schools” offers its own Accredited Building Design Practitioner, licensed by CBOS (Consumer Builder Occupational Services) who deliver in house CAD designs, engineering specifications, construction budgets, quantity surveying, schedules, 3D visualisations and animations.


This is where the fun begins! Choosing a location is the first step. Our team will analyse the proposed site to determine the best design options. Most schools try to utilise ‘dead space’ in their grounds - either a lap around the outside of the school oval or an unused garden expanse that can be transformed into a landscaped usable bike space. Once the location is decided, we can help you make an informed decision on the style of track, whether it is a one-way loop, skills park area, pump track or traffic learning facility.

Track surfacing is the next decision. In the past, a typical bike track was constructed from existing ground material or locally sourced gravel, limestone or clay based materials. Asphalt, although more expensive, has become a popular material choice. Using asphalt, tracks are built to the same standards as footpaths or roads. A hard surfaced track requires zero maintenance costs and opens up the track to multi-sport use including scooters and skateboards. A hard surface also means the track provides plenty of grip and is usable in all weather conditions. Bikes will remain clean and there will be no muddy kids in classrooms.


Every school is different, so when we suggest the perfect range of bikes to suit your needs, we consider things like fleet size, age groups and how many kids need to be ride at any one time. Partnered with multiple world leading bike brands, “Bikes in Schools” can organise a personalised bike fleet hassle free and at a fraction of the regular cost.

Working directly with big brands enables us to customise any order and have the bikes built, delivered and ready to ride. We offer toddlers’ balance bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, helmets and scooters. We work with you to create the perfect package for your project.