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The Art of Flow

We believe that a rider speeding down a new trail for the first time, should be able to do so at full noise, without the risk or impediment of unknown features that could possibly cause injury. Predictability and speed management is how we achieve that. A predictable trail is one that flows from one corner into the next, the line of sight is always open, and uses the natural landscape to control the rider's speed. Our decades of combined experience has enabled us to master the 'art of flow' and, combined with our progressive design features, we are capable of creating a user experience unlike any other.

Progressive features

Our progressive features are always born from wanting more. In years past, we have all seen trails built with features that only professional riders can attack. They are often dangerous, with certain features being exempt from public areas. We have spent years perfecting a trail formula that will leave a smile on the face of beginners, but also have professional rider's adrenaline pumping, without compromising on safety. 

asphalt Pump Tracks

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Who is a pump track for?

As industry professionals and high level riders, we are in touch with what the 'average' rider wants, the success of our Ulverstone project is testament to that. When pump tracks are designed properly they are for everyone, the target market reach is well beyond just 'building the kids a bike track to play on'. A typical pump track attracts kids from two to three years old on balance bikes, right through to retiree riders enjoying themselves. Being constructed from an asphalt surface opens the track to multiple-discipline sports from BMX, MTB, scooters, skateboards and even rollerblades. Skill progression and variety are key aims in keeping people stimulated and we try our hardest to design parks that cater to all skill levels and provide a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

Pump tracks have a different ambiance to the typical 'skate park' vibe with its stigma as a place for trouble makers. Pump tracks attract a different demographic and offer a more family orientated environment.

Dirt Jumps

RideMore Style

The RideMore style (true to our name), encompasses what every rider is searching for - the ability and opportunity to 'ride more'. From backyards to bike parks, no trail construction job is too big or too small for us. It's no longer only the domain of bike parks and reserves. Our team is always happy to work with any size parcel of land - private or public.   

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